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Breeding for Resistance (BSR) is the only certified one-test WormFEC provider that is endorsed by SIL and AgResearch. BSR provides farmers with data that allows you to rank, select and breed animals that are naturally resistant to parasites.

As a Breeder, you can add WormFEC to your Breeding Values in SIL, and incorporate resistant traits into your flock.

The Future of Farming

The future of parasite control needs to include non-chemical methods such as breeding to ensure all controls remain effective. Drench resistance and the cost of parasitism has become a threat to the viability of New Zealand farming operations. BSR provides a service to rank, select and breed within and across mobs to provide another effective parasite management tool.

For farmers actively breeding for parasite resistance, a reduced reliance on drench to control parasite burdens will be a serious benefit as we face increasing reports of drench resistance. The cost of undetected drench resistance reported in the Sainsbury’s FECPAKG2 Project is an estimated $19 million (NZD) per annum for Sainsbury’s lamb suppliers.



  • Leading farmers use genetics to fight parasites.
  • Identify and cull susceptible animals – the main culprits contaminating your pasture.
  • Increase productivity (e.g. weight gains).
  • Reduce drench reliance.

“Parasite resistance is a highly heritable trait (up to 30%). Faster gains can be made by testing both ram lambs and ewe lambs, but generally young male lambs contribute the most of the genetic advancement of your flock.”

- AgResearch WormFEC manual


It couldn’t be easier...

  • BSR is quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Only 1 sample per animal is now required.
  • New EID technology is available to reduce transcription errors.
  • New FECPAKG2 technology allows a fully auditable service which offers faster result turnaround.



  • WormFEC Certification endorsed by SIL.
  • Actual Data – you receive Faecal Egg Count results for each animal, allowing you to make breeding decisions which will increase parasite resistance in your flock.


Ideally when the animals are between 7-9 months of age as they will express a high level of heritability. However, younger animals (weighing >25kg) can be tested if required before breeding decisions are made.




John McEwan

Fri 09 October, 2015

John McEwan from AgResearch takes a look at the damage parasites cause New Zealand farmers. He shows how testing and genetic selection can increase on farm production.

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Greg Mirams

Wed 19 August, 2015

Testing for parasite resistance in sheep has just got a whole lot easier, something that is poised to make a big difference for breeders and for the New Zealand sheep flock.

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Sophie Gibson-Pinn

Fri 01 May, 2015

The Breeding Selection Resistance (BSR) program is an opportunity for both breeders and commercial farmers to measure the natural immunity of their stock to internal parasites.

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