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Sainsbury's FECPAKG2 Project

Techion Group Ltd and partners were awarded a Sainsbury’s R & D Grant in 2014. A multi-country project was established in New Zealand and the United Kingdom to investigate drench resistance and the effectiveness of current parasite management programs. The Project focused on the adoption and use of Techion’s new FECPAKG2 platform, which allows for on farm, or in clinic parasite diagnostics to support effective parasite management and decision support.

View a short video presentation about the project. The video includes an interview with project manager Greg Mirams and comments from project farmers Clarke Scott and Jude Miller.

Key Findings

  • The prevalence of drench resistance was greater than anticipated in the UK and New Zealand
  • Undetected drench resistance costs Sainsbury’s lamb suppliers over £10million (NZ $19 million) per annum
  • Using FECPAKG2 meant that some project farmers could reduce their drench use by 30-50% - without compromising animal performance
  • FEC information enabled appropriate drench timing, improving animal performance/health and saving money
  • FECPAKG2 is a valuable on farm tool, with financial and animal wellbeing/performance benefits as a result of use
  • Adoption and implementation of technology by farmers was identified as the greatest challenge

Project Press Release

View Press Release
Gavin Hodgson

The Sainsbury’s Perspective

Gavin Hodgson

Head of Livestock Sainsbury’s PLC

At Sainsbury’s we have invested in research and development that matters most to our farmers and growers. Improving productivity and sustainability is critical for the long-term future of our lamb supply chain and supports one of our five core values of "Sourcing with Integrity". The FECPAKG2 Project combines cutting edge remote diagnostic technology and cloud computing, to generate real time data that informs producers on the level of parasite burden within their flock and how best to control them. For farmers on the Project, they have already seen savings in terms of reduced drench usage, using more effective drench types and increased lamb output.

The increasing threat of drench resistance, viability of the lamb sector and harsh climatic conditions in which they farm across the United Kingdom and New Zealand, poses a significant threat to our farmers, which is why together with Techion Group Ltd and Sainsbury's Lamb Development group, we collaborated on this Project in 2014.

Read more about the FECPAKG2 project and the wider initiatives Sainsbury’s are supporting.

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Sainsbury’s Project Report

The Sainsbury’s FECPAKG2 Project Report summarises the key findings of the Sainsbury’s FECPAKG2 Project. It examines the drench resistance status in both the UK and NZ, Project Farmer responses and experiences, changes in farming practices, as well as future opportunities for the wider Sainsbury’s Production Group.

View Project Report

Project Appendix Reports

Click below to view the PDF reports that further detail the principle project findings.

Project Case Study Reports

Click below to view the farmer case study reports for the project farmers from the United Kingdom and New Zealand. The case study reports provide a summary of the principle project findings on an individual farm basis.

World Parasitology Conference 2017 (WAAVP), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Click below to view Eurion Thomas presenting the project findings at the 2017 WAAVP conference in Kuala Lumpur.


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